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As a subsidiary of PCCI Group, ProDesign Engineering has been providing engineering services since shortly after it opened its doors in 1981. Over the years, PCCI has developed and performed end-to-end engineering services for HFC and FTTH projects nationwide.

A key advantage of ProDesign Engineering is its intimate integration with PCCI Group’s construction group.

ProDesign Engineering services include: new and existing Infrastructure mapping, network constructability review, detailed OSP design engineering, make-ready engineering, ISP survey, and construction documentation. Having engineered thousands of miles of telecommunications infrastructure, PCCI leverages its extensive experience and knowledge base to provide effective and efficient engineering solutions for every client’s network needs.


A key advantage of ProDesign Engineering is its integration with PCCI Group’s construction group. All PCCI Group engineering personnel have an intimate understanding of engineering specifications and a detailed knowledge of construction practices.

We Build Everything You Need At The Highest Quality.

This allows ProDesign’s engineers to consistently go above and beyond engineering requirements while also providing an integrated product that flows seamlessly through the construction process. Additionally, PCCI Group boasts a series of tools that provide its clients with visibility into daily engineering progress while integrating seamlessly with its construction process. This access to information has proven to be invaluable for PCCI customers when making decisions about a project.

As a turnkey provider, ProDesign provides a wide range of design and engineering services, including GPS mapping and RF and fiber design. We can quickly and expertly respond to customers’ requests for upgraded system designs and mapping.

Mapping & Permitting

We offer as-built walkout/verification, Greenfield walkout, field surveys, fiber audits, pole profiling/pole loading, permitting, WIFI access point placement field surveys, GPS point collection, submitting mapping and permitting

Drafting & Design Services

We offer the following services:

  • FTTx
  • GIS solutions
  • Fiber design for cell towers
  • HFC network design
  • Fiber network design
  • Desktop surveys
  • Coax and fiber extensions
  • RFog
Our Software Proficiencies

PCCI Group utilizes modern software solutions to seamlessly coordinate with other industry-leading professionals on large construction and engineering projects. These software solutions include the following:

  • AutoCAD
  • SpatialNET
  • Microstation
  • Bentley Comms
  • Lode Data
  • Katapult Pro
  • 3GIS

Service Categories

Project management
Mapping & permitting
General consultation
General construction

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