Perley Cable Construction, Inc. specializes in a number of Engineering and Construction services including:


PCCI Group has been providing engineering services since shortly after it opened its doors in 1981. Over the years, PCCI has developed and performed end-to-end engineering services for HFC and FTTH projects nationwide. PCCI Group engineering services includes: new and existing Infrastructure mapping, network constructability review, detailed OSP design engineering, make ready engineering, ISP survey, construction documentation. Having engineered thousands of miles of telecommunications infrastructure, PCCI leverages its extensive experience and knowledge base to provide effective and efficient engineering solutions for every client’s network needs.

A key advantage of PCCI’s Engineering Division is its integration with PCCI Group’s construction group. All PCCI Group engineering personnel have an intimate understanding of engineering specifications and a detailed knowledge of construction practices. This allows PCCI Group engineers to consistently go above and beyond engineering requirements while also providing an integrated product that flows seamlessly through the construction process. Additionally, PCCI Group boasts a series of tools that provide its clients with visibility into daily engineering progress while integrating seamlessly with its construction process. This access to information has proven to be invaluable for PCCI customers when making decisions about a project.

As a turnkey provider, PCCI Group provides a wide range of design and engineering services, including GPS mapping and RF and fiber design.  We are able to quickly and expertly respond to customers’ requests for upgraded system designs and mapping.


Design & Engineering Services

  • RF System Design
    • Lode Data
    • Fiber Design
  • All Architecture
    • New Builds
    • Extensions
    • Rebuilds
    • Upgrades
  • CAD Services
    • AutoCAD format
    • Custom CAD applications
    • Complete Digitizing
    • Map Management
    • Geo-referenced mapping
    • SpatialNet
  • GPS
    • Field Engineering / Surveys

PCCI Group provides telecommunication and cable construction and engineering services throughout the United States.  We provide a wide variety of OSP services to the telecommunications industry, including project management, fiber optic construction, aerial and underground construction, sweep, certification, maintenance and engineering.  PCCI Group has a long, proven track record of working with HFC and fiber optic architectures.  We specialize in fiber optic network construction and installation, including everything from new installations and upgrades to constructing state-of-the-art networks.

Providing these services requires the highest level of industry knowledge and skill sets. We have demonstrated an ability to keep costs low for our clients through efficiently managing information and maintaining a productive work force. Our staff continues to develop construction services that demand state-of-the-art applications. These applications and the innovative design of specialized tools and equipment have made PCCI Group unique in the marketplace.


Underground Construction

  • Cable / Fiber placement
    • Directional Boring
    • Plow
    • Trench
    • Backhoe
    • Rock Saw
  • Manhole Placement

Aerial Construction

  • New Build/Rebuild
    • Strand
    • Coax
    • Fiber
  • Wreck Out
  • HFC Retrofit-Upgrade
    • Splicing
    • Activation
    • Equipment Installation
    • Sweep and Certify

Fiber Optics

  • Aerial and Underground Construction
  • Splicing and Testing
  • Documentation

Since our beginnings, PCCI Group has provided commercial and residential installation throughout the country. Installation services now include HFC subscribers as well as commercial and fiber to the home customers.