Safety is our priority with

Safety programs

Safety Training
  • Classroom Training
  • Generic Health
  • Corporate Safety and Health
  • Accident Prevention
  • Equipment Handling
Job Site Training
  • Environmental Issues
  • Moving Equipment
  • Safety Handbook
  • First Aid Training
  • Preventative Measures
  • MSDS Online

PCCI Group employees and management place a strong emphasis on work site safety every day. The safety and health of our employees and the subcontractors under our management will not be compromised for profit or production.

Management recognizes that accidents and injuries are best avoided by eliminating the causes. Ongoing safety and training sessions, including classroom seminars, are required at all jobsites. All supervisory personnel understand the importance of preventing injuries from occurring to our employees while on the job. PCCI takes pride in our safety record since the company was founded. This safety record proves our commitment to Safety First.

PCCI Group has developed and maintains a comprehensive safety, loss prevention and loss control program. PCCI has in place policies, practices and procedures that promote health and safety and constantly strive to identify and control work place hazards and concerns.