Company founded in 1981

Company History

Since its beginning in 1981, PCCI Group has become a leader in engineering, construction and installation of state of the art HFC and FTTH networks. Focused on providing the highest quality customer service and implementing the latest technology; PCCI Group plays an important role in supporting the ever-changing cable and telecommunications industry.

PCCI Group was an early pioneer in the directional boring field. Its expertise was recognized by ‘Trenchless Technology’ magazine in 1993 when it awarded PCCI Group the “Project of the Year” award for its completion of a 170 mile boring project in Peoria, Illinois.

PCCI Group has completed construction and design projects throughout the United States, gaining experience working in wide variety of climates and terrains. Our industry knowledge and expertise have grown considerably as a result.

To help meet the demands of nationwide consolidation of cable and telecommunications systems, PCCI Group is able to provide a key source of quality services including GPS mapping, design, engineering, project management, aerial construction, underground construction, installation, and maintenance.

R Founded in 1981
R Founder managed
R Offices in Illinois & Kentucky
R Fiber construction & design
R HFC, FTTx, and PON networks

R Award winning work

R Any size projects

R Intense focus on job site safety

R Privately owned small business

R Proven stability

President & CEO

James L. Perley

After earning his Bachelor of Science degree from California State University in Hayward, Jim formed Perley Cable Construction in 1981 and began providing installation and construction services and would later pioneered the use of directional boring in the communications field. In 1989, Jim formed Tel-Star Communications which now serves customers in central Illinois with voice, video, and data services. He expanded his business in 1993 to include engineering and design services with current customers throughout the United States.

Jim currently serves as President/CEO of PCCI Group, overseeing all aspects of the services it provides.